Smart Income

We strive to deliver a smoother experience for our clients. We aim to participate during market rallies and preserve capital during times of market volatility.

To achieve our investment goals, we look for investments with the following characteristics:

  • High return on capital and equity.
  • Company has a strong balance sheet.
  • Positive and rising cash flow.
  • A strong and experienced management team.

But, by far the most important factor:

The company must pay a consistent income that is stable and preferably increasing over time.

We consider income to be an integral part of investing, for the following reasons:

  • Income investments typically outperform non-dividend payers.
  • Income Investments tend to be less affected by market volatility.
  • Income continues to add to portfolio performance even during down periods in the market.
  • We can use the income accumulation to purchase new investments during periods of market dips

Using income in our disciplined strategy highlighted above is what allows the major pension funds to achieve consistently good results year after year. We apply this same discipline and strategy to manage our clients’ wealth.