Looking Forward

Hello Everyone.

We hope everyone has had a good summer so far despite the ongoing Covid-19 situation. We hope everyone and their family has remained well and continue to be safe.

In the financial markets the recovery up until now has been extremely uneven. What we mean is that so far technology stocks have led the recovery and are trading beyond normal valuations. We have seen stocks with little to no profits outpacing companies that make significant profits and pay dividends. Situations such as these typically do not last and we expect to see money switch to more conventional assets as a vaccine comes into view. We see this starting now with the recent move up in our Canadian banks.

This pandemic downturn was a strict test on how our Smart Income Strategy performs when the market gets very volatile and irrational. After going through the roughest part of the correction we have seen that overall our portfolios fell less than the overall market and continued to pay their income. We had the majority of our positions continue to pay their dividends and even had some raise them. We stuck with the companies that are financially strong enough to weather the storm. We expect to see further price recovery in the future and will continue to look for opportunities. We firmly believe our strategy provides the best combination of income and growth for our clients’ needs and provides stability during times of market volatility.

On a side note, we are honoured once again to have been nominated for the Waterloo Regions Readers’ Choice Awards. Alan has been nominated in the People/Professionals section under Financial Advisor. Last year we were voted to the Platinum Designation and are very proud. We are grateful for any votes we receive and take it as a vote of confidence from our clients we work with.

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