Russian Invasion

Hello Everyone,

Russia has invaded Ukraine. These developments are a tragedy and we hope that there is not a large loss of life. We certainly hope that this conflict will come to an end and we can go back to more peaceful times.

What does this mean for us and the world’s economy?

The actions of Russia is going to bring sanctions and penalties that have not been seen before. This will no doubt affect the world’s overall economy to some degree but I think the overall impact will be low for western economies. The Russian economy is not closely linked to the North American economy and is not strongly tied to the western European economies either, except for oil and gas.

Traditionally events that aren’t closely tied to our economy cause sharp and short term corrections in the markets and rarely cause lasting long term damage. We view any market volatility caused by this war as an opportunity to buy strong high quality investments that otherwise would not have fallen. We believe the Russian government can’t sustain a long term conflict and will look to find some kind of conclusion to these events in the near term.

We will continue to monitor the developments of this conflict and take advantage of opportunities that arise should we see continued volatility.

Tchabushnig Wealth Group.

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